University of Mines and Technology (UMaT), Tarkwa. Ghana

Terminal Matters for Senior Members

The University’s Statutes, 2012 provides direction on resignation, retirement and termination from the University for Senior Members.

For the avoidance of doubt, Statute 42 stipulates that:

a. Except as may otherwise be provided by Council, a Senior Member may resign his appointment or notify his voluntary retirement and thereby terminate his engagement with the University on giving, in writing under his signature to the Vice Chancellor at least six months' notice terminating on the last day of July of the year in which his resignation or voluntary retirement takes effect. The Senior Member shall pay six months’ salary in lieu of notice.

b. Except as may be otherwise provided in special cases by Council, a Senior Member appointed to a full-time position in the University or on a renewable contract shall retire from his appointment and all other offices held by him in the University by virtue of his appointment at the end of the academic year in which he attains the retiring age as specified by the University. For the purpose of this clause, the academic year is presumed to end on the 31st day of July.

c. Council may at anytime terminate the appointment of any Senior Member whose services are no longer required by the University by giving him/her six months' notice in writing. In lieu of six months’ notice, the University shall pay six months’ salary.

d. A Senior Member whose appointment is terminated may appeal to Council in writing within one month of receipt of notice. Where a person appeals against a notice of termination of his appointment, Council shall consider the appeal at least two months before the date on which the termination is due to take effect, and Council's decision shall be final.

Terminal Matters for Staff other than Senior Members

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Terminal Matters for Senior Members