Madam Brenda 3rd from Left and Francis 2nd from Left in a Group Photograph with the UMaT Team
Madam Brenda 3rd from Left and Francis 2nd from Left in a Group Photograph with the UMaT Team

The Vice President of Organisational Development of Genserenergy, Madam Breda Lee and the Operations Superintendent of the Company, Mr Francis Owusu Acheampong an Alumnus of UMaT, have paid a courtesy call on the Vice Chancellor, Prof J. S. Y. Kuma at his Office.

Briefing the Vice Chancellor on the purpose of their visit, Madam Lee explained that they were in UMaT with the aim of exploring opportunities for collaboration with the University.  She indicated that the Company is an independent power producer and has been in existence in the country since 2007 building power plants for some Companies. She said they have so far built two power plants for Gold Fields Company Limited in Tarkwa and Damang and one for Golden Star Resources at Bogoso. She also said that the company was in the process of building a gas pipe line from Tarkwa to Prestea and that they would eventually extend it to Chirano and Kumasi. She said that currently, they imported their own LPG into the country to power the plants.

According to Madam Lee, they had come to pay the visit because they wanted to establish a relationship with UMaT where they hope to start a training programme for UMaT students and Staff for short periods through the transfer of skills from experts from the Company who mainly came from Latin America. She also said the company could hire the services of UMaT lecturers and also to offer internships to UMaT students.

Welcoming the delegation to UMaT, the Vice Chancellor gave them a brief history of the University and indicated that UMaT although small in size, was a specialised institution that trains engineers in the fields of Mining, Petroleum and other related programmes. UMaT students according to the Vice Chancellor are given the best training in both theory and practice both in the laboratories and in the field. Prof Kuma expressed his appreciation to the delegation and promised the commitment of UMaT for the development of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will spell out the benefits including seminars and workshops for UMaT students and staff. The MoU could include internships which he believed would be life changing experiences for the students, Consultancy services and collaborative research for staff. He indicated his desire to have the MoU signed soon.

Present at the meeting were Mr A. K. Doku, the Registrar of UMaT, Dr Eric Broni-Bediako, a Senior Lecturer from the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Mr Paul Yeboah, the University Relations Officer.


Source: Paul Y. A. Yeboah, Assistant Registrar and Head, University Relations Office

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