Office of the Registrar


The Office of the Registrar plays a critical role in facilitating the attainment of strategic goals and initiatives by providing some of the academic and administrative infrastructure necessary for continued service to students and the University in general.  The work of the Registrar’s Office emphasizes collaborative efforts, integrated services, efficient communication processes, and student success and strives to provide an exceptionally professional service to students and parents, alumni and staff.

The Registrar directs all facets of the operations of the Office of the Registrar including but not limited to monitoring of policies, procedures, and other related matters in the University. As the Chief Administrative Officer, the Registrar is responsible to the Vice Chancellor of the University. He is the Secretary to the Council and the Academic Board of the University.

The position of the Registrar is unique in the Administrative/Management hierarchy of the University. As one of the five Principal Officers of the University, the Registrar is the Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible to the Vice Chancellor who is the Chief Executive Officer of the University. He is the Secretary to the Council and the Academic Board of the University.

The Registrar is responsible, under the Vice Chancellor, for the day-to-day administration and management of the University. He takes charge of the implementation of the relevant regulations and policies as formulated by the appropriate Boards and Committees. He is the transmitter of decisions of Boards and Committees. The Registrar’s Department provides excellent professional support for the realization of the goals of the University and the welfare of the University Community.

A group of Assistant Registrars, other Professionals and Senior Administrative Assistants who handle the various Units and Offices and service Committees and Boards of the University assist the Registrar. The Units under the Registrar’s Office provide a wide range of services to support the Registrar in the day-to-day administration of the University.


Mr Matthew Kwabena Okrah