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While at UMaT, a pre-engineering student should plan on taking at least four courses each semester.  In addition, students must satisfy the requirements of the chosen undergraduate programme (NB: programme requirements may vary, details can be found on the programme’s website). All students must complete all mandatory and core courses, and at least one chosen elective in the second semester. Selection of elective courses will be done in consultation with the Coordinator.

Semester One (Mandatory Courses)

Course Code

Course Title

AE 001

Mathematics I

AE 002

Chemistry I

AE 003

Physics I

AE 004

Fundamentals of Engineering

Semester Two (Mandatory and Elective Courses)

Course Code

Course Title

AE 005

Mathematics II

AE 006

Physics II

*AE 007

Chemistry II

*AE 008


*AE 009

Applied Electricity

*AE 010

Information Communication Technology

*AE 011

Technical Drawing

* Elective Course – Students will have the option to select one (1) elective course in addition to the two (2) mandatory courses (Mathematics II and Physics II). The elective course selected will depend on the undergraduate programme the student intends to enrol in.