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School of Postgraduate Studies


Module No. Module Title Date Instructor
MN 351 Introduction to Computer Applications 19th – 30th Aug, 2013 Dr. P. A. Eshun
MN 261 Introduction to Mining Engineering 2nd Sept. – 13th sept, 2013 Mr S. K. Bansah
MN 509 Statistical Models 16th – 27th Sept 2013 Assoc. Prof. S. Al-hassan
MN 503 Operations Research 7th – 18th Oct, 2013 Assoc. Prof. V. A. Temeng
MN 500 Thesis 21st – 25th Oct, 2013 Thesis Supervisors
MN 511 Explosives and Rock Fragmentation 28th Oct – 8th nov, 2013 Messrs E. M. Buaba/ B. O. Affum
MN 513 Environmental Management 18th - 29th Nov, 2013 Prof. N. Amegbey
MN 501 Mine Mechanisation 9th – 20th Dec, 2013 Mr. E. M. Buaba
MN 505 Applied Rock Mechanics  6th – 17th Jan, 2014 Dr. J. Yendaw
  Research Methods 27th Jan. – 7th Feb, 2014 Dr B. Kumi-Boateng
MN 516 Mine Management 17th Feb – 28th Feb, 2014 Dr. P. A. Eshun
MN 502 Mineral Resource Evaluation  10th – 21st Mar, 2014 Assoc. Prof. S. Al-Hassan
MN 506 Mine Economic and Financial Evaluation 31st Mar – 11th April, 2014 Prof. D. Mireku-Gyimah
 MN 504 Mineral Economics 21st April – 2nd May, 2014 Dr. P. A. Eshun
MN 500 Thesis 5th -9th May, 2014 Thesis Supervisors
MN 510 Materials Handling 12th – 23rd May, 2014 Assoc. Prof. V. A. Temeng
MN 512 Environmental Engineering in Mining 2nd – 13th June, 2014 Prof. N. Amegbey
MN 514 Underground Mine Planning and Design 23rd June – 4th July, 2014 Prof. D. Mireku-Gyimah
MN 508 Surface Mine Planning and Design 14th – 25th July, 2014 Assoc. Prof. S. Al-hassan
MN 518 Field Trip and Report 28th July – 1st Aug, 2014 Training Officer (MN)


(i)    Participation fee is GH¢500.00 per module
(ii)   Registration closes one (1) week before commencement of module
(iii)   To register please contact: The Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies
University of Mine and Technology, Tarkwa
Tel: +233 3123 20935+233 3123 20935/20324
Fax: +233 3123 20306