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School of Postgraduate Studies

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The Mathematics Department currently runs a four-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree programme. The programme is designed to provide students with a firm grounding in the concepts of Mathematics and related courses to meet the requirements of educational institutions and industry. A graduate from the department is expected to have a broad knowledge in a fairly large area in Mathematics/Statistics and their applications.

The Mathematics Department has qualified and experienced lecturers. Presently, the academic staff comprises one Associate Professor, one Senior Lecturer, two Lecturers, three Technical Instructors and an Adjunct Professor. The department’s research interests are in the areas of Optimisation, Curve Fitting, Fluid Dynamics and +Mathematical/Statistical Modelling, amongst others.
The Mathematics Department at UMaT should be the preferred choice of candidates desirous of studying and applying Mathematics in their everyday life because of the wide range of subjects covered. The successful graduate will find employment in the Banking and Financial sectors, Mining and allied industries, Educational and Research institutions, just to mention a few.