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Students Awards

Mr Kwame Ababio New
Mr Kwame Ababio

A Ghanaian innovation, Green Afro-Palms (GAP) has been recognized for its contribution towards the achievement of Goal 9 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Green Afro-Palms, was nominated among several organizations by research students worldwide for the 2019 Flourish Prize.

After multiple rounds of review of all the nominations by a panel of experts, Green Afro-Palms, founded by Kwame Ababio was announced winner of the prize.

Green Afro-Palms, through its GAPROTECH solution, run an innovation system that integrates a zero-emissions palm nuts and fibre processing assembly line; organic oils extraction complex; zero-waste residue converter for energy and animal feeds chain; upcoming insect proteins R&D program; and a fair-wages palm cultivation supply chain.

Bright Simmons and Kofi Yeboah, with the TIAS School for Business and Society and University of Alberta, Canada respectively, who nominated Kwame Ababio and his Green Afro-Palms to be considered for the award found that “the inventive power behind GAPROTECH is evident also in the cost performance of the system. The distributed processing platforms placed at the farm gate are 50% cheaper than comparable platforms imported into Ghana from China, with throughput savings shared by all major actors, farmers and distribution network agents most especially.”

The project has ensured that 7,500 palm trees have been restored to health through effective husbandry and 150 smallholder farms networked into a tight ecosystem that is reclaiming stressed farmland within the operating communities in the Ashanti Region.


With minimal input-investments, it attains a throughput of 750 tons of oil palm yields, which converts to 100,000 litres of processed oil palm, 1,666 bags of palm kernel nuts and fibres, and directly creates 100 new jobs with 30 being paid directly by the social enterprise.

Smallholder farmers earn a monthly average of about GH1000, upon admission to the GAPROTECH scheme, a 330% boost in earnings.

The reinvestment multiplier effects have massive implications for the eradication of child labour and the professionalization of agricultural labour, which circularly advances the company’s business objectives.

Goal 9 of the SDG looks at building resilient infrastructures that promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

About the Flourish Prize

The annual Flourish Prize recognizes 17 innovations from around the world that align with the 17 SDGs. It is championed by Aim2Flourish, which works with academics at top business schools around the world and their research students to profile organisations around the world whose activities are contributing to the attainment of the sustainable development goals.

The nominations are reviewed by a panel of experts through multiple rounds, during which further due diligence is conducted, until the finalists and winners emerge in the year-long process.

About Kwame Ababio

Kwame Ababio, read Engineering at the University of Mines & Applied Technology. He is a trained engineer with a fundamental interest in how the subject of engineering can be used to solve problems for the benefit of society.

Source: https://citinewsroom.com