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Assoc Prof Adomdza (2nd from right), making a Presentation to the Vice Chancellor, Prof Richard K. Amankwah (2nd from left)

A delegation from the Ghana Innovation and Research Commercialisation Centre (GIRC), on Wednesday, 20th April, 2022, paid a courtesy call on the Vice Chancellor, Prof Richard K. Amankwah. The delegation, was led by Assoc Prof Gordon Adomdza of Ashesi University, to explore the research outputs and research commercialisation system of the University of Mines and Technology.

Assoc Prof Adomdza, stated that the Centre was set up to explore and analyse the process for commercialisation of research outputs in various institutions to develop an effective research output commercialisation system for adoption by Public Universities and other related public research institutions to promote research and innovation. According to Assoc Prof Adomza, “UMaT’s commercialisation of research outputs is found to be robust because the University has an Office of Research, Innovation and Consultancy (ORIC), an incubation hub and other research entities that aid the growth of SMEs”.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof Richard K. Amankwah in response, stated UMaT’s outstanding research contributions to the mining and allied industries, and specifically mentioned the Gold Smelting Machine, also known as the ‘Sikabukyia’, developed by the University to reduce mercury use in Small Scale mining operations, as one of the innovations from research.

Prof Amankwah stated that UMaT has signed an MoU with Zaacoal Limited, to locally produce and market activated carbon for the mining industry in Ghana using a technology designed by UMaT. He said, “This will not only advance the Ghanaian Mining Industry, but also reduce the import of activated carbon and generate more revenue for the country”. According to Prof Amankwah, ‘the more we are able to engage society, and identify the challenges and solve them, the more we, as academics, become relevant to the society.

Assoc Prof Adomdza expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and assured the Vice Chancellor that he will later share his observations and findings with the University.

Present at the meeting were, Prof Anthony Simons, Pro Vice Chancellor, Mr M. K. Okrah, Registrar, and Assoc Prof Solomon Nunoo, Dean of ORIC.

Group Photograph after the Meeting

Source: University Relations Office