Religious freedom is guaranteed and many religious bodies co-exist peacefully on campus.  Two major Christian umbrella bodies namely Students Chaplaincy Council and Catholic Chaplaincy oversee activities of all Christian groups on campus and regulate their activities.  The Ghana Muslim Students Association has oversight responsibility over faithfuls of the Islamic religion. These various denominations have separate services on Sundays and other week days.  A park opposite the Dubai Hostel and the main University auditorium is a favourite praying destination for these denominations. On special dates of the University however, all Christian denominations on campus come together to organise joint church services.

Aside the Students Chaplaincy Council, the Catholic chaplaincy also serves  the large  number of  Roman Catholic faithfuls on campus.  The chaplaincy has a state of the art cathedral where its believers worship.  They  also  have  hostel  facilities  which provide  housing  affordable  prices  to  members and even non-members of the church.  The Anglican students Union  also  plays a similar role  and  also  have  housing facilities for students.

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