“Leveraging Water for Peace”. UMaT and Water Resources Commission Commemorate World Water Day

UMaT and Water Resources Commission Commemorate World Water Day

The University of Mines and Technology (UMaT), in collaboration with the Ankobra Basin Secretariat of the Water Resources Commission, marked the 2024 World Water Day Celebration with a series of impactful programmes aimed at raising awareness and fostering community engagement. Under the theme "Leveraging Water for Peace", the events were organised in alignment with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 6, which emphasizes the crucial need for safe drinking water, sanitation, and sustainable water resource management.

Preceding the official celebration on the 22nd March, 2024 organisers, put together a sequence of activities on the 16th and 20th of March, 2024 specifically tailored to educate inhabitants of the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality. The initiatives, which were spearheaded by the Faculty of Geosciences and Environmental Studies(FGES), UMaT and the Water Resources Commission (WRC), encompassed a stakeholder Training Workshop, an Inter-Departmental Quiz Competition, and a culminating Stakeholders' Durbar.

The One-Day Training Workshop convened on Saturday, 16th March, 2024 drew over 300 participants, predominantly residents of local communities situated in the catchment areas of major mining companies operating within the municipality such as; AngloGold Ashanti Iduapriem Ltd, Gold Fields Ghana Ltd, Tarkwa and Damang, Ghana Manganese Company, Golden Star Wassa Ltd and also with participation from the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipal Assembly (TNMA).

Professor Anthony EwusiProfessor Anthony Ewusi - Dean of FGES

In a special message to the participants, the Dean of FGES, Professor Anthony Ewusi indicated that the purpose for the workshop was to enlighten key stakeholders in local communities on water-related issues and empower them as agents of change in their various communities. Professor Ewusi also underscored the criticality of effective water resource management amidst mounting challenges such as climate change and increasing water stress. He said that local communities play a pivotal role in the management of water thus, in line with SDG 6, the Faculty had a broader objective to instigate community-oriented programmes geared toward water resource management and sanitation.

Addressing pertinent water-related issues, experts from both industry and academia delved into topics ranging from water-related laws and policies, climate change impacts, water infrastructure management, and water quality assessment and treatment. Throughout the conversations, the resource persons reiterated the need for community involvement in tackling water management issues and urged participants to adopt sustainable water management practices within their respective localities.

In a speech delivered on behalf of the Municipal Chief Executive of the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipal Assembly, Hon Benjamin Kesse, the Community Water and Sanitation Agency Officer, Rev Michael K. Johnson stressed the need for local communities to play an active role in the management of their water infrastructure.

Following the training workshop, an Inter-departmental Quiz Competition was organised on the 20th March, 2024. Departments under the Faculty, namely; the Departments of Geological Engineering, Geomatic Engineering, and Environmental and Safety Engineering engaged in an educational contest aimed at disseminating knowledge on water-related issues to the wider populace. At the end of the contest, The Department of Environmental and Safety Engineering displayed their stewardship of the environment and for the 3rd time in a row, since the inception of the World Water Day Celebration at UMaT emerged winners of the Quiz Competition.

Climaxing the series of events, on the 22nd March, 2024, a Stakeholders Durbar was convened at the UMaT Waterfall to commemorate the global World Water Day Celebration. The Durbar attracted a diverse group of stakeholders from the water sector, mining industry, regulatory bodies, academic institutions, community, among others.

Mr Francis Acquah-SwanzyMr Francis Acquah-Swanzy - Basin Officer, Water Resources Commission

During the celebration, Mr Francis Acquah-Swanzy, Basin Officer at the Water Resources Commission, Ankobra Basin, seized the opportunity to shed light on the theme “Leveraging Water for Peace”. He said that it is crucial to reflect on the significance of water in promoting peace, prosperity and sustainability worldwide. He underscored water as a powerful tool for fostering cooperation, resolving conflicts and building a harmonious future and stressed the need for all to reaffirm their commitment to responsible water usage, conservation effort, and collaborative action to ensure equitable access to clean and safe water. Mr Acquah-Swanzy stressed the popular axim that “water is life” and transcends boarders, cultures and ideologies. He strongly urged citizens and stakeholders within mining communities to act responsibly, as illegal mining activities are fast destroying water bodies across the country.

Delivering goodwill messages from industry, representatives from the various mining companies highlighted their initiatives at addressing water-related issues within their respective areas of operation, and further pledged their stewardship and commitment to supporting initiatives aimed at sustainable water management. 

The World Water Day 2024 Durbar served as a platform for regulators, academia, stakeholders in the mining industry and members from the local communities to deepen their understanding of the prevailing condition of water bodies in the country. The celebration also facilitated the exchange of ideas among stakeholders, fostering collaborations toward the sustainable management of water resources.

In his closing remarks, the Pro Vice Chancellor of UMaT and Chairperson for the occasion, Professor Anthony Simons lauded stakeholders for their commitment to making the 2024 celebration a success. He said that the activities had not only provided valuable insights, but had also offered rejuvenating experiences for participants from the University community and the community at large. Professor Simons also expressed profound appreciation to the key sponsors of the programmes namely; AngloGold Ashanti Iduapriem Ltd, Gold Fields Ghana Limited, Ghana Manganese Company, and the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipal Assembly for their contributions toward the success of the celebration.

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