Mineral Engineering Department Clinches Victory in 9th Vice Chancellor’s Challenge Cup

Mineral Engineering Department Clinches Victory in 9th Vice Chancellor’s Challenge Cup

In a display of camaraderie, skill, and unwavering school spirit, the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT) recently concluded its 9th Vice Chancellor’s Challenge Cup at the UMaT Sports Centre. From Thursday, March 14th to Saturday March 16th, 2024, students and staff alike came together to participate in a series of thrilling football competitions, showcasing the very best of athleticism and teamwork within the University community.

The Challenge Cup featured 3 exciting categories: male student category, female student category and staff category, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of sportsmanship and camaraderie that defines the UMaT experience.

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In the staff category, the Senior Members/Senior Staff team emerged victorious, securing their status as 3-Time Winning Champions with a hard-fought 1-0 victory over the Junior Staff team. Their triumph was rewarded with a prize of GH₵2,000.00, a testament to their dedication and skill on the field.

Meanwhile, in the fiercely contested male student category, teams from 14 departments battled it out over four rounds of competition, culminating in an electrifying final showdown. Ultimately, it was the Department of Minerals Engineering that claimed the title, defeating the defending champions, the Electrical and Electronics team, with a resolute 1-0 victory. Their achievement was celebrated with a cash prize of GH₵3,000.00, marking a historic moment for the department and inspiring future generations of athletes at UMaT.

The female student category showcased the talents of teams from various faculties and schools within the University, with the Faculty of Geosciences and Environmental Studies emerging as the victors after a thrilling face-off against the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences in the finals. Their triumph earned them a well-deserved cash prize of GH₵2,000.00, underscoring the depth of talent and dedication among female athletes at UMaT.

In addition to the competitive matches, the Challenge Cup also featured a friendly match between teams from the Pre-Engineering Programme and the National Service Personnel, highlighting the inclusive and welcoming spirit of sportsmanship that pervades the UMaT community.

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Throughout the tournament, runners-up teams and standout players were recognized and celebrated, acknowledging their contributions to the success of the event and inspiring others to strive for excellence in their own sporting endeavors.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vice Chancellor Professor Richard Kwasi Amankwah encouraged all participants to give their utmost effort and reminded spectators of the importance of showing unwavering support for their respective teams. His words encapsulated the essence of the Vice Chancellor’s Challenge Cup: a celebration of talent, teamwork, and the vibrant spirit of community that defines the UMaT experience.

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